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The Founder
Cherish Edwards

My background is in technology and agency operations. I have been a founding member of several successful companies and one that broke my heart. Today, my team and I help agencies, studios, and service companies of all sizes optimize their business operations and their organization.

I can’t wait to see what we can do for your business!

Everyone wants to know...

what is operations?

Business operations is everything related to running a business except your creative product or service. It’s a set of processes that can be defined, managed and improved. And those processes directly correlate to to the state of your business and quite possibly, your happiness.

But here is where the real lesson is…

As a business owner, you may enjoy developing and managing some operations activities. And you might find you’re really good at it. 

But you need to ask yourself if that is why you started your business? 

To manage operations? 


Or is managing operations keeping you from doing the work that you love. 

If it is: outsource it.

operations actvities




Finance & Taxes

Legal, Contracts
& Intellectual


Sales &

performance &

why choose

A full-time COO is expensive.
Headhunters don’t always get it right.

And the costs of recruitment, training, and onboarding are wasted when your protege is unable to perform their duties or leaves shortly after being promoted.

Don’t hire full-time. Choose fractional. 

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