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We specialize in business optimizations that support cost management, profitability, customer acquisition, customer service, and organizational landscape assessments. We combine deep industry expertise with technology improvements that solve a multitude of insight and service related problems, including placing the right person on the right job, process definition and optimization, and reducing operational risk.

Together, we can drive business growth or prepare for founder exit by helping you inform and transform your business operations, define your audience, and reach your operational milestones.

- Architecture & growth
- Audience & activation
- Processes & procedures
- Audits & assessments
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Business operations encompass all the activities and tasks that a company or organization performs on a daily basis to keep running smoothly and efficiently. This includes managing finances, overseeing production processes, handling human resources, and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Yes! For studios and production companies, operations means managing projects, timelines, and resources to produce content. For owners it means understanding  your legal, commercial, financial, HR, IP and IT landscape. It means Risk Management.

Initial one-to-one consultation, Operations Assessment, Oversight, or Fractional assistance. 

An Operations Assessment is our keystone service that provides a candid and impactful review of six areas of business operations.  The assessment is followed by tactical and strategic recommendations to overcome risks and accelerate outcomes.


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Bluedoor Consulting, Inc. delivers crucial expertise for creative businesses, non-profits, production companies and their founders. I’ve been working in operations for over 20 years across multiple industries. I know what to look for, what to ask for, and I can show you what we can do to rapidly improve your firm’s operations.