Introducing The Studio Operations Audit™

An operations update that puts your staff in flow state.

Are you building your agency to survive without you? 

The Studio Operations Audit(TM) is a step by step assessment to prepare your business for an exit. 

Our keystone service provides a candid and impactful review of your current business operations followed by tactical and strategic recommendations to overcome risks and accelerate outcomes. 




This is how it works...

The Studio Operations Audit™


In a free 30-minute discovery call, we want to learn as much about you as we can.  And then we can decide if there’s a mutual fit.


Operations assessment Sessions

In 6-8 weekly sessions we work through a set of operational levers that will baseline your operations and prepare you and your business an exit. 

  • Using The Operations Matrix™, we will analyze 6 operational levers
  • We will have weekly meetings and accountable activities
  • We’ll diagnose the issues, get some options and a list of activities or assets to collect, assign, or draft, and we will work toward resolution
  • We will lean into monthly financials, bid/actuals, factors reports and pipeline information
  • We will fill in the missing pieces of necessary documents and create a system to file them
  • We will get competitive bids for workers comp providers, attorneys, software vendors, realtors, etc
  • We we review liabilities, contracts and bids
  • We can review your sales process and your marketing efforts to ensure your pipeline is in place
  • We can assess security and create SOP’s
  • This system optimizes and prepares client for an exit when required