Hello, I am Cherish Edwards, Operations Consultant for studios and agencies.

My goal is to provide a substantial return on investment to my clients, using tried and true operations methods and proven processes.

What is Operations Consulting?

Operations consulting  focuses on three areas:

      • People
      • Processes
      • Technology

You can make better business decision when you clarify the interactions of people, processes and technology within your organization. And you will move from gut feelings to data-driven answers about hiring, bids, clients, sales, marketing and the technology that you use. 

What is Operations Consulting versus Operations Management? 

Bluedoor Consulting is a fractional operations consulting service. I leverage my expertise in operations to review your business, or an aspect of your business, and create processes or outcomes that are documented and repeatable. 

A typical operations consulting arrangement may include reviewing your current operations activities or assets followed by recommendations to build, manage, address and respond to those activities. 

Operations Management is more of a day-to-day activity that manages the systems you have in place. And it’s typically less expensive. 

I can help you move to the Operations Management phase. But, as a goal,  we should discuss if you’d be better served by having an onsite Operations Manager. 

My Programs

I have a few programs that I’ve used with other clients, to give you and idea of how we can work together. But, I’m happy to discuss other ways that may work better for you. 

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